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Travel Destinations/School

Posted by wendell2014 on September 5, 2008

Hello everyone. Just so you know school has been going GREAT i love all my teachers and i finished all my homework in school tonight so i didnt even need to bring my backpack home! i just left it in my locker! 🙂 But anyways, new things in webkinz…travel destinations! How cool is that??? I sent all my pets to the spa. Which is like perfect if you have alot of pets! (but it did cost alot 😉 ) i bought a ticket for a tropical thingie but haven’t used it yet but anyways here are my pets being pampered!

how cute is that????? Anways i’ll do another post very very soon! Cya!

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Winners/New Stuff

Posted by wendell2014 on September 1, 2008

Contest Winners

So it was a two way tie for first and a three way tie for second so I pulled the names out of a hat for the winners.

1st prize- Yoshi

2nd prize- Hoppy

3rd prize- 123webkinzrule

4th prize- elvis110 (which will be cheeky dog food)

Congratulations everyone. You all got the trading cards question right and the bonus answer is 2005.

PLEASE ADD ME TO YOUR FRIENDSLIST AND CONFIRM THAT YOU DID IT HERE SO I CAN SEND YOU PRESENTS! elvis110 and yoshi are already added so I will send there prizes now.

New Stuff!

Well I was shopping yesterday and Hallmark was having a great deal spend $15 on Webkinz items get one free Lil’ Kinz so I got the Albino Horse and a Lil’ Kinz Gecko! Then when we were at Limited Too, I really didn’t like the clothes there so I got 6 packs of trading cards! Whoopee! 🙂 and in one of those packs I won a free pet!!!!! It turned out to be a Himalayen and I named it Alyce. Its very hard to name and pick the gender of a pet when you don’t even know what it is. Like you could name it Bob and make it a boy and it could end up being a pink poodle. 😀 Anyways here are there bios:

 When I got him I though of slimey-ness and wet willies so i named him willy 😀

Her name is supposed to be Kherington but Webkinz wouldn’t let me name her that 😦 So I named her Kher Bear. Kherington is from So You Think You Can Dance and she was may favorite dancer.

Ok so this is the pet I got from the cards! I’m so lucky I got her! Even though I already have one, its ok! Wow I’m glad I didn’t make it a boy!

 And I got this star today and it made me think of Groovy! 😀




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Have you got your trading cards?

Posted by wendell2014 on August 29, 2008

THE CONEST WINNERS WILL BE POSTED LATER TONIGHT I’m going to a Penn State soccer game so you still have a little time to enter if you haven’t already!

Have you got series 3 trading cards yet? I have and there alot more interesting than the other two series. But I think you only get one code per pack because there is a little white square with the code and it looks like there wil always be only one. So far I’ve gotten 4 packs here are the items I got from putting in the codes:

 Chef Gazpacho Oven

Trading Card Series 3 Capri Pants

 Trading Card Series 3 Condo Side Table Miss Birdy Wall Hanging

Cool huh? Anyways, the cards have definately stepped up a notch on the back of each card are three trvia questions so… I’m going to do a….

Webkinz Quiz Contest!

Ok, I’m going to give you 2 cards of questions (6 questions) you can enter by leaving a comment with your answers. The contest will end this Sunday so hurry up and enter!!!! You may not look at webkinz for any questions! Thats cheating!  Here are the questions:

1. What is the name of the game that challenges you to get all the Webkinz home before the sun sets?

2. Where would you go if you wanted to play Supermodelz?

3. How often is the Top Story in Webkinz Newz updated?

4. What is the name of the wheel you can usaully spin only once a day in the arcade?

5. Where do you go in Webkinz World  to find put whats scheduled for the day?

6. What is thename of Chef Gazpacho’s TV  show?


BONUS QUESTION: *this question was not on any cards* What year did Ganz develop Webkinz?


1st prize: (getting all questions right) “Clock of the Future” (science theme)

2nd prize: (second most questions right)  “Cat Trick Trampoline” (grey and white cat item)

3rd prize: (thrid most right) “Neon Plant”

Good Luck!

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Posted by wendell2014 on August 28, 2008

This is my blog forever and ever!

Ok I know I’ve made a new username and a new blog, but forget that! This is my blog forever and always! This is where you’ve been coming for just about a year and this is the way its gonna stay! I’m just giving it a total makeover! I think this slide will help tell you what I mean…


*I’m changing mascots and Scotch is my new

mascot along with Patches*

So two new mascots! Scotch and Patches, two completely different webkinz here to tell you things straight from webkinz world! Also new…more topics to talk about more contests, more giveaways, more fun! So keep checking in on this totally awesome updated blog!!!!  (ya i know my slide show is short lol)

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